wew, barusan gw chat di omegle, belom apa2 gw udah bilang “love hurts” dan itu random banget haha.
gw kira dia bakal mikir gw freak dan langsung disconnect, ternyata dia merespon gw. yah walaupun endingnya gaenak sih gara2 dia DC tiba2haha. well, this is our conversation.

You: Love hurs
Stranger: I wonder…
Stranger: it hurs?
You: What
You: hurts i mean
Stranger: hurls?
Stranger: oh
You: nnononono
Stranger: why do you say that?
You: thats a fact
You: it hurts
Stranger: not for me
You: to love or to be loved
You: why
Stranger: not a fact, an opinion
You: okay my opinion
Stranger: love doesnt hurt….falling out of love mught hurt
You: happy to be in love, but at the end yeah, huts
You: yeah’
Stranger: so, its not the love that hurts
Stranger: you should rethink what you said
You: so what kind of love that doesnt hurt?
Stranger: Love never hurts. While you are in love, all is good
Stranger: when love goes away – it hurts
You: yeah, based on who do u love
You: mm
You: i loved a jerk
Stranger: I would say that Love heals
You: why
You: ho come
Stranger: “loved” in the past tense
You: how
You: yes
Stranger: so thats why it hurts – no longer in love
You: so if i keep love that guyy…
You: it wont hurt anyome?
You: anymor
Stranger: you just said he is a jerk!!!!
Stranger: why would you want to love a Jerk?
You: guy– jerk
Stranger: LOL
You: i didnt know
Stranger: thats absurd
You: until i saw him with another girl
You: love– absurd
Stranger: no wonder you are “hurting” – he’s a jerk – find someone else
You: how could i trust another guy
You: i cant…
Stranger: well, then be happily single

simple, tp karena ge chat di omegle, rasanya gimana gitu. haha


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