Breathe -Angels & Airwaves

A blue, black shade of love.
Sent from above.
My hands are tied to worlds unknown,
And this I know.
Your breath’s like wine,
And just like clouds, my skin crawls.
It’s so divine, the sky it glows with fields of light.

Reff Did you know that I love you?
Come and lay with me.
I love you.
And all this day, I will love you.
You make me feel alive,
and I’ll love you
Until the end of time.

My hands shake clasped with fear as you come near
To say goodnight, just like a dove.
A peaceful sign.
To help us by as you come in.
Let this begin.
Stars fall like dust, our lips will touch.
We speak too much.


I’ve got a lot to say, if you will let me
It’s always hard, when you’re around me
But here right now, there’s interest in your eyes
So hear me out, and hear this the first time

That I… love you (come and lay with me)
I… love you (and all this day)
I… love you (you make me feel alive)
I… love you
Till the end of time


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