It’s still at 10 pm but lots of (unimportant) thoughts have already appear in my head.

I just had a movie-marathon-night, I watched Skyfall and then I watched Frozen. It is so random, isn’t it? James Bond movies are always cool, I even don’t know what to write about them. Okay, okay. Frankly speaking, I just don’t wanna write about Skyfall or this post might make me look dumb. I wanna talk about Disney’s Frozen. If you don’t know that movie, you can watch the trailer here:


tumblr_mzsvgitbpo1tqqihyo2_500 tumblr_mzsvgitbpo1tqqihyo1_500

For me, it has a deeper meaning than the sentence itself. After I heard it, I asked myself a not-that-simple one-word-question: “Why?”

Love isn’t about someone good-looking who hugs you in front of many people. It isn’t about someone who takes you to fancy places every week. It isn’t about someone who is hilarious enough to make you laugh every day. Finding true love isn’t as easy as whistling. Oh, wait, I can’t do it. Damn.

Love doesn’t appear suddenly and easily. It needs time to grow and be understood. Love of family is the biggest one if you can consider it. Especially your parents, they know you since the first time you breathe. I feel lucky I still have my mom and dad on my side, and my sisters and brother too. Sometimes they are annoying and make me mad and suck but without them I am just a star that doesn’t shine.

About friendship, I have another story. I had a friend, it didn’t take to long for us to be so close. I came to her whenever I felt happy or sad or mad. I told her about a ratchet in school whom I hated. Aaand she told them to other friends. There was a time when I didn’t trust anyone, but as time went by, my true friends came at the right time. *HAPPY ENDING YAYAYAY*

Time matters. Let time do its job. To make love grow, to make us mature, to make us can decide people who deserve a place in our heart.


That’s all. Nite.


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