Fancey Diney

One of the biggest regret in my life is going to a fancy place without a fancy outfit…

So the last few days I’ve been busy making a TVC for HIMMARCOMM’s upcoming event, Table Manner. It was taken around Kemanggisan and Senopati. Surprisingly, making a 4-minutes silent movie isn’t as easy as it seems. From lari-larian-sana-sini to never-ending take-ulang-take-ulang, it was terribly exhausting. Fortunately everything went well and fun. Find me in the following photos. Hint: read the first sentence.




Yep I was the one with the over-sized sweater ((which is my super favorite one)). I was the ibu-ibu produser. By the way, the making-process has not been completed. There’s something called post-production *cries*


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